Growing Healthier Communities at Kid Central Festival

One TomatoThis year, the newly formed Bangor Area Food Council joins us with a great activity outdoors, the One Tomato project! They will challenge kids to grow one tomato plant this summer, help them transplant tomato seedlings into pots, and share information on how to grow those plants into delicious, nutritious tomatoes for their families. Each participant will be able to take their new transplanted tomato home with them. Additionally, parents can talk with Food Council members about what they are up to and how to get involved.

tomatoesThrough enhanced collaboration and communication, the Bangor Area Food Council educates about healthy food, advocates for greater food access, and supports the growth of available channels between local farmers, producers, and consumers. 

The One Tomato project will be held in Norumbega Parkway from 10 am – 3 pm.

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